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    As a Bible College teacher of the biblical Hebrew language, my students were to be future pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders. This more traditional line of instruction involved substantial memorization of Hebrew verbal forms and vocabulary. Today I am teaching Christians of all backgrounds how to use the Hebrew language in their own personal Bible study. In most cases, I am teaching people who are not interested in earning a degree but they do want to be able to study the Bible in the original language.

  • Learning God’s Love Language is a tool that you can use in your personal Bible study.

    Learn Hebrew almost immediately, without years of memorization and other Hebrew language courses. This book will become a personal guide for your own Hebrew word study. It is not a textbook for those seeking an academic degree, wishing to learn to speak modern Hebrew or preparing for a graduate school placement test. Learning God’s Love Language is for those who wish to study God’s Word and find a richer, deeper understanding by peering into the ancient Hebrew language and exploring the meanings contained in a particular word.

  • Any Christian, regardless of age, educational background or culture can study God's Word in its original language.

    This Bible study tool will take you beyond concordances, lexicons, and Bible dictionaries, opening up each Hebrew word and reading its built-in commentary by combining the ancient, esoteric structure of each Hebrew word, letter by letter. AND BY DOING SO, ENRICH YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF GOD’S WORD THROUGH HIS ANCIENT LOVE LANGUAGE.

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